Essential Oils

A Little History

The use of essential oils has been known about for thousands of years. They were usedlavender for medicinal purposes, cosmetics, and in religious ceremonies. Interest in essential oils has waned at times but always seems to rebound. In the 1950’s they were being used as massage oils for pain relief and their rejuvenating properties. Then it was quiet again but about 10 years ago through the use of aromatherapy they had another resurgence. They are now quite popular and seriously being considered as alternative medicine.

What are they?

An essential oil is a concentrated aromatic  liquid extracted from plants. They are filled with vitamins, hormones and other natural elements. Essential oils are extracted from plants in different ways, distillation, cold expression and chemical extraction are the processes used.

All essential oils have therapeutic effects. They are used to treat everything from infections, tumors, depression, anxiety, nausea and so much more.



Science is just starting to give credence to these amazing plant oils. Today there are clinical studies being done all over the world that are showing the very exciting benefits of essential oils.